Unibet Group plc är ett börsnoterat bolag med Malta som hemmedlemsland och därför gäller flaggningsreglerna i Malta Financial Services Authority:s Listing Rules.

De s k "Notification Rules" återfinnes i Kapitel 8 under rubriken "Continuing Obligations" (pdf för nedladdning).



Notification of the acquisition or disposal of major holdings to which voting rights

are attached.


8.110 Any Shareholder who acquires or disposes shares to which voting rights are

attached and where the Home Member State is Malta, shall notify the Issuer and

the Listing Authority of the proportion of voting rights of the Issuer held by such

Shareholder as a result of the acquisition or disposal where that proportion reaches,

exceeds or falls below the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15% 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 75%

and 90%.



8.117 The notification required under Listing Rule 8.110 and 8.116 shall include the

following information:

8.117.1 the resulting shareholding position in terms of voting rights;

8.117.2 the chain of Controlled Undertakings through which voting rights are

effectively held, if applicable;

8.117.3 the date on which the threshold was reached or crossed;

8.117.4 the identity of the shareholder, even if that Shareholder is not entitled

to exercise voting rights under the conditions laid down in Listing Rule



8.118 The notification to the Issuer shall be effected as soon as possible, but not later than

four trading days following the date on which the shareholder, or the natural or

legal person representing the shareholder:

8.118.1 learns of the acquisition or disposal or of the possibility of exercising

voting rights, or on which, having regard to the circumstances, should

have learned of it, regardless of the date on which the acquisition,

disposal or possibility of exercising voting rights takes effect; or

8.118.2 is informed about the events changing the breakdown of voting rights.


Flaggningsmeddelanden till den sk "Listing Authority",  dvs Malta Financial Services Authority, kan skickas via email: listcomm@mfsa.com.mt

Mer information om Malta Financial Services Authority finns på www.mfsa.com.mt